Daria Olah

Dariah Olah

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Hi there! My name is Daria Olah. Here is a brief summary about myself. 

I was born and raised in North Bay. I love the outdoors, animals and long walks on the beach of course! 

Some of my hobbies include: volleyball, baseball, golf, frisbee and hiking.

I have worked in customer service related fields for several years and I love dealing with and helping people from all walks of life. Prior to getting into Real Estate I pursued my Undergraduate Degree in Law at Nipissing University, I then received a Veterinarian Certificate from Algonquin College, a Counseling Certificate and most recently, a Teaching Certificate from York University. My lifelong passion has been to help others by listening and understanding individual needs and wants and using resources and knowledge to bring them to life.

My goal in real estate is to provide outstanding service to my clients. I believe I have the drive, determination and work ethic necessary to exceed your expectations as a real estate salesperson!

It is very important to choose a realtor who has your best interests at heart! If your looking for exceptional customer service, someone with a great personality, someone who is trustworthy, honest, loyal and willing to go that extra mile for you, feel free to contact me anytime to discuss any of your real estate needs and to help you live your dreams!

 Phone: 705-848-9000
 Mobile: 705-261-2266
 Fax: 705-848-3446
 Email: daria@oakrealty.ca



Display Image for 42B London Cres
For Sale
1001 SqFt
42B London Cres
Listed: 3/06/2023
2+ 1+1
Display Image for 4 Johnson PL
850 SqFt
4 Johnson PL
Listed: 3/03/2023
2+2 2+
Display Image for 12 Birch Rd
933 SqFt
12 Birch Rd
Listed: 3/02/2023
2+ 1+2
Display Image for 8 MacDonald Crt
866 SqFt
8 MacDonald Crt
Listed: 3/02/2023
3+ 1+1
Display Image for 13 Laprairie Cres
900 SqFt
13 Laprairie Cres
Listed: 2/23/2023
2+1 1+1
Display Image for 4 Stewart Cres
For Sale
1080 SqFt
4 Stewart Cres
Listed: 2/15/2023
2+ 1+
Display Image for 15 Vienna Pl
1200 SqFt
15 Vienna Pl
Listed: 2/15/2023
3+ 2+1
Display Image for 26 Ottawa Ave
1800 SqFt
26 Ottawa Ave
Listed: 2/13/2023
3+1 3+
Display Image for 43 Gauthier Pl
For Sale
1110 SqFt
43 Gauthier Pl
Listed: 2/03/2023
3+ 1+1
Display Image for 14 Frobel Dr
For Sale
1479 SqFt
14 Frobel Dr
Listed: 2/03/2023
3+ 1+
Display Image for 140 Axmith Ave
1000 SqFt
140 Axmith Ave
Listed: 1/24/2023
2+ 1+
Display Image for 1212 Dunlop Shores Rd
1107 SqFt
1212 Dunlop Shores Rd
Listed: 1/16/2023
3+ 1+
Display Image for 77 Westview Cres
For Sale
1124 SqFt
77 Westview Cres
Listed: 10/27/2022
3+ 2+
Display Image for 1 West Cul de Sac
For Sale
1 West Cul de Sac
Listed: 9/09/2022
1+ 1+