Selling Your Home

Chances are, if you've lived in your home for more than a few years, you can likely turn a tidy profit. That's great news. But sealing the deal requires more than just a handshake.

You'll have to consider if now's a good time to sell? What's the best way to get the word out? How do you get top dollar for your property? These are just some of the questions that we can help answer.

  1. Decide when to sell - In real estate, timing influences your home's selling price. Working with us can help make timing work for you.
  2. Prepare your finances - Before the offers start rolling in, you should prepare for the massive amounts of money that will pass through your hands.
  3. Find a REALTOR who is right for you - There are many reasons why a realtor is essential when selling your home, but which realtor is best for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out what mortgage I can afford?

Determining the mortgage you can carry is based on a relatively simple calculation of loan amount, down payment, interest rate and amortization period.  A good rule of thumb when figuring your monthly housing cost is that it should not exceed 32% of your gross monthly family income or 40% of your gross monthly income.

Why should I hire a Realtor?

Because you're trusting a Realtor with your most valuable possession, your home. Realtors take this responsibility very seriously.

Do I really need a Realtor to sell my home?

Many people who try to sell their own home end up using a Realtor in the end anyway. Before anybody decides to fly solo through this complex, time consuming and financially perilous process, they should consider these questions.

Will you really "save" the real estate commission?

When buyers see a home for sale 'by the owner', they see a bargain. They imagine theRealtor's fee going into their pocket, not yours.

How many potential buyers will you reach?

Selling a home takes more than just hanging a "For Sale" sign. How will you promote your home? Will you write your own ads? How will you use the Internet?

Do you have the time?

Promoting a home is a full time job, and you may already have one. Will you be able to take calls at any time? How about screening the callers to figure out if they're suitable candidates? Not everybody who calls is even suitable to walk through your home, but how do you tell?

Do you know the market well enough to get the most for your home?

Lacking years of experience, the average do-it-yourselfer is merely guessing at their listing price. Often they set the price too low and miss out on thousands of dollars, or they price their home too high and drive away willing buyers.

Do you have the negotiation skills to keep a deal on track?

When an offer comes in, emotions can run high with so much money on the line. This is why direct seller-to-buyer deals often end in disaster. Realtors keep it professional and are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with buyers.

What should I expect when I enlist the help of a Realtor to sell my house?

Realtors help you get the most for your home and they remove stress and confusion from the process. Here are just some of the advantages.