Debbie Farrell

Debbie Farrell

Debbie was raised in the northwestern town of Red Rock Ontario, but more recently has arrived from Haliburton Ontario.  Debbie was program manager for the charity, Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative, since Feb’ 2009.  While working full time for the charity she also practiced real estate.  

Prior to working at Cottage Dreams, she was a full time real estate agent and volunteer.  

Debbie held progressive positions in the mutual fund industry, which included Director of Corporate Affairs, Compliance, Human Resources and Training Manager.  

Previous experience includes, operation of her own retail outlets, several years working at IBM, and as a legal assistant.

Debbie and her partner John have a love for the outdoors, children and animals, especially dogs, cats and horses.  Debbie's passions are reading, cooking, swimming and curling.

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 Email: debbie@oakrealty.ca